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Languedoc Holiday

Any time is the perfect time for your Languedoc Holiday!

Classed 2* - "Meublés de tourisme"

Terms of Hire and Description of Property

1.        Contract

The Contract of Holiday Rental commits the owner to rent this furnished property situated in 11700 AzilleFrance, during the period and for the price specified therein.

Bookings from persons under 18 years of age cannot be accepted.

2.        Rental Payment

Except by prior agreement of the owner, the rental must be received in full by the owner, no later than eight weeks before the intended date of arrival.

Charges for utilities are included in the rental. The owner may not claim extra payment for them at a later date. Neither may the hirer demand a reduction in charges at the end of the rental.

3.        Payment of Deposit

For a booking made more than eight weeks before the intended date of arrival, a deposit of at least one third of the total rental is required. The balance will be paid no later than eight weeks prior to the holiday starting date. The owner will define the amount of deposit required.

Payment of the deposit legally binds you to the rental. You may only renounce the commitment by forfeiting the amount paid and by payment of the balance outstanding for the rental.

Commitment to hire always becomes binding by payment of a deposit. The balance of the rental will be paid no later than eight weeks before the intended date of arrival.

Except by prior agreement of the owner, the hirer will effect an electronic transfer of funds to the owner's nominated bank account for all payments due.

4.        Payment of Guarantee Deposit

Except by prior agreement of the owner, in addition to the rental, a guarantee deposit will be sent by the hirer to the owner no later than eight weeks before the intended date of arrival. The owner will define the amount required for the guarantee deposit and is entitled to bank the guarantee deposit on receipt. The guarantee deposit will be refundable to the hirer within 31 days of the end of the rental, subject to a satisfactory condition of property inspection.

The guarantee deposit serves purely to cover potential costs of degradation and/or loss and/or extra cleaning to the rented accommodation which has been caused by the hirer and/or occupants and/or the hirer's visitors, during the period of the contract.

The amount will be returned to the hirer, in total or in part, according to any costs incurred, within 31 days following the hirer's departure from the property.

5.        Address and Inventory

On receipt of the full rental and the guarantee deposit, the owner will send the hirer the property address and inventory.

On arriving at the property, it is the hirer's responsibility to check that the accommodation corresponds to expectations.  Condition of the property and inventory of furniture and equipment, provided for the occupants' use, must be determined. Article 1731 of the Civil Code states, "if the condition of the property has not been verified, the user is presumed to have received them in a good state of rental repair and must surrender them as such".

In the same way, a reverse condition of property must be made prior to departure.

6.       Holiday Tax

This tax is payable by all temporary residents in designated tourist resorts and parishes. Places which carry out tourist promotions may also levy this tax. It is the owner's responsibility to levy and pay the tax.

7.     Description of the Property:

The House
Comprises The Apartment and The Studio combined - details of each are set out below.
Internal area : 100 m2.
Number of rooms: 7
Maximum occupants: 8-9, plus infant up to 2 years of age.
Property construction: 1890 – traditional, detached
The hirer has:
  • shared use of courtyard garden
  • exclusive use of terraces attached to the House.
The Apartment
Internal area : 45 m2 on first floor of the House.
Number of rooms: 4
Maximum occupants: 4-5
Property construction: 1890 – traditional, first floor of detached house.
The hirer has:
  • shared use of courtyard garden
  • exclusive use of external stairs and first floor terraces.
The Studio
Internal area: 50 m2 on ground floor of the House.
Number of rooms: 3
Maximum occupants: 2-3, plus infant up to 2 years of age.
Property construction: 1890 – traditional, detached
The hirer has:
  • shared use of courtyard garden
  • exclusive use of terraces attached to ground floor of House.
The rented accommodation is not shared with a third party to the current contract
If in residence, the owner has right of access to her separate accommodation and retains a part of the courtyard garden for her own use.
The property is situated approximately:
  • from the Méditerranéan Sea, 30 minutes by car
  • from public beach or pool, 10 minutes by car
  • from a traditional grocery, 1 minute on foot
  • from a supermarket, 5 minutes by car
  • from a hypermarket, 20 minutes by car
  • from an airport, 45 minutes by car
  • from the centre of the village, 1 minute on foot
  • from a main rail station, 20 minutes by car
  • from ski slopes, 2 hours by car
The owner is not aware of any cause of nuisance nearby

8.    The Owner

The owner is entitled to restrict the number of people who stay in and/or use the rental property.

The owner undertakes to deliver the accommodation in accordance with the description made of it, in a good state of cleanliness and without hindrance to its normal, peaceful use (article 1721 of the Civil Code).

The owner accepts no responsibility for events outside her control even if these result in losses and/or accidents on the part of the hirer.  

9.    The Hirer

The hirer is bound to use the rental property in the role of "head of the family".

The hirer must:  take care of the accommodation;  keep it clean;  not annoy neighbours with poor behaviour.

The hirer is responsible for degradations occurring during her/his stay and some risks (fire, water damage, theft, etc.) during the rental.

10.        Expiry of Contract

On expiry of the contract, the hirer must hand the keys back to the key holder and vacate the property by 0930h.

It is then that the condition of property established on arrival serves, to confirm whether everything which was present in the accommodation is still present and has not deteriorated.

If all is in order, the owner will return the amount paid by way of guarantee deposit, within 31 days following the occupants' departure from the property.

11.        Degradations

If there is any deterioration and/or loss of items and/or additional cleaning, the owner will have to evaluate the damage and deduct the amount from the guarantee deposit.

If, unfortunately, there is a need for complaint, please, contact the owner as soon as possible to ask for assistance to resolve the problems.

No refund will be made for problems if the hirer refuses opportunity for the owner or representatives to resolve the situation during the stay.  The same will apply if problems arise during the stay but the hirer says nothing until after departure.

A little vigilance on the part of the hirer can avoid any disagreement.

In case of conflict, a loss adjuster may resolve the matter amicably but, if not, the tribunal court will decide.

12.     Right of Access

The owner or her authorised representatives have right of entry to the accommodation at any reasonable time during any rental.

13.     No Smoking

No smoking is allowed inside the property nor within the boundary of the property.  Elsewhere, due to the fire risk, smoking must be undertaken with care.

14.     Pets

No pets belonging to the hirer or the occupants or their guests are allowed inside the property nor within the boundary of the property.  The only exceptions, with the owner's prior agreement, are assistance animals.

15.     Linen

Bed linen is provided for the agreed occupants.  Shower room mat, kitchen hand towel and teacloth are provided.

A folding cot is available for self assembly.  No cot linen is provided.

For reasons of hygiene, occupants are asked to bring towels for their personal use e.g., face, bath and beach towels.  However, in case of need, there are towels of very basic quality available, for an extra charge.

16.    Vehicles and other Possessions

All vehicles, baggage and possessions brought to the property by the hirer and/or occupants and/or their guests should be insured by the hirer.  The owner accepts no responsibility for them.

17.     To Cancel

If the hirer wants to cancel the reservation, the owner must be contacted as soon as the reason for cancellation becomes apparent.

In addition, within 10 days following, the hirer must confirm the cancellation, by recorded delivery to the owner.

The date of reception by the owner of notice to cancel will be the date that the period in question will be available again.

18.     Price

The Owner has the right to amend prices quoted in error.

19.  Confirm the Commitment

If you are satisfied with the terms and description set out here and in this website, it only remains to sign and confirm the rental commitment.  It is a legal obligation that this commitment be by post.  A copy may be emailed as well for speed but the original must, also, be sent by post.