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Village Life


The village of Azille looks over vineyard-covered plains - to the Pyrenees in the south and the Black Mountain in the north. Steeped in roman and medieval history, Azille has survived centuries of prosperity and decline.

Daily Life

Today, the village is a close-knit but welcoming community, largely employed in the vines, creating the renowned wines of the Minervois region, the quality of which depend crucially on the weather.  The daily rythmn of life is governed by the wine-making process.  In recent years, a single, late hailstorm devastated the entire year's production and income for the population!  During the annual harvest, daily bulletins on quality and quantity are published by the Mayor of Azille and in the regional press.

In the face of global competition, increasing numbers of small local producers are choosing a more risky path - to produce quality, award-winning wines instead of sending their harvest to the local co-operative for blending and they are succeeding!  A tour of the specialist, Minervois wine producers is the basis of a wonderful holiday in Languedoc - learning about techniques and chatting amiably over a glass of wine.


Throughout the year, Azille is the setting for numerous festivals and events organised by the community.  They are tremendous fun, involving open air communal meals.  Always well-supported by residents of Azille, neighbouring towns and villages, they are attended by all from the very young to the very old.

Of these, the principal, annual events are:

Spring - May Day Feria - A Spanish-style celebation which lasts for several days around 1 May, recalling the region's historic connections with Catalonia.  There are displays of horsemanship and flamenco.  Riders from the Camargue, with their famous white horses and black bulls also provide an exciting spectacle.

Summer - Fetes d'Azille - The annual village festival in early August, to which the region flocks and parties for 4 days and 4 nights!

Autumn - Fete des Chataignes - The annual festival for all things connected to sweet chestnuts in late October

Winter - Carnevale - The region celebrates in January, each town in its own way but the town of Limoux is particularly notable.

Between festivals, Azille returns to its rural routine but there is still plenty to occupy the visitor with energy to spare!

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